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Stating the Case for Investing in Nigeria, April 2009

With recent market turmoil and lost confidence in structured credit products, fund managers and OECD banks are now seeking modest equity stakes in sound emerging markets, as they can demonstrate higher earnings potential in coming years. Nigeria is a country of 150 million people - by far the biggest in Africa. It boasts an expanding, entrepreneurial workforce, a progressive government with a proactive agenda of attracting foreign direct investment and access to a further regional market of 300 million people.

Credit Ratings for sub National Governments in Nigeria, March 2009

On March 16-19th DMA ran the first Conference Credit Ratings for Sub-National Governments in Nigeria. Over three hundred delegates attended the enormously successful three day event. Supported by Urban Development Bank, DFID, Standard & Poor’s, Bank PHB and the Gombe State Government and run in conjunction with ALGON and Baltimore Tax & Finance, the purpose of the event was to engage sub-national governments on the process of applying for credit ratings with a view to access domestic and international capital markets.

The UK-Zambian Investment Forum 2009

In December 2009, DMA hosted the Zambian government, lead by Vice President, George Kunda, for three days of investment promotion activities. On Wednesday 3rd December 2009, prominent parliamentarians joined the Vice President, Minister of Trade and Commerce, Minister of Works and Supply, Central Bank Governor, Chairman of the Lusaka Stock Exchange and many other prominent Zambians for a private dinner.

The UK-Zambian Investment Forum

Investing in Nigeria 2009

Investing in Nigeria 2009 is published by DMA and was presented at the UK-Nigeria Investment Form, held at Savoy Place, London in April 2009 and at the Stating the Case for Investing in Nigeria Forum held at the Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi on 15th October 2009.


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