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"Algeria begins phase of positive change"
Algeria has started a phase of “positive change,” thanks to the new reforms introduced recently, said British Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Economic Partnership with Algeria, Lord Richard Risby, on Wednesday. See the full article on Algierie Presse Service. 
“Ait Ali Braham invites British companies to seize partnership opportunities in Algeria”
On Wednesday the Minister of Industry, Ferhat Ait Ali Braham, called on british companies to seize the economic opportunities that are offered in Algeria by various sectors.  Referring to the DMA virtual event, see the full article in Algerie Presse Service. 
Algerian Minister of Trade and Industry on National TV
Following the Algeria and the UK: Current and Post-COVID Trade and Investment virtual event. The Hon Ferhat Ait Ali Braham's, Minister of Trade and Industry, presentation featured on Canal Algerie 20:00 News. In his address, the Minister emphasised the steps taken by the Algerian Government to support the private sector and the Government's commitment to...