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DMA to host UK-Kosovo Trade & Investment Forum, November 2016
DMA to host UK-Kosovo Trade & Investment Forum, November 2016
DMA looks forward to welcoming Kosovo's Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa, and a delegation of senior ministers to London for the UK-Kosovo Trade and Investment Forum in November. A senior government delegation, led by HE Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, will attend the Forum to showcase the many investment opportunities that Kosovo offers UK and international investors...
DMA to host UK-Kenya Trade & Investment Forum, September 2016
DMA is delighted to welcome a delegation of senior cabinet ministers from the government of Kenya, to London for the Kenya-UK Trade & Investment Forum,on 15th September 2016 (click for programme) The UK-Kenya Trade & Investment Forum will be led by Hon. Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and it will profile the major business sectors...
DMA is recruiting
We are looking to recuit for the following roles to work across a number of current and upcoming projects: - data analysts - project managers - market researchers - data analysts interns - social media interns For further details on each role, please view the job descriptions below and submit your CV and cover letter here unless stated otherwise.